Hi! Welcome to Stitches of Liberty!

I am Kristi Reid and am excited to share with you my thoughts, love for fashion, path of discovering my heritage, and my relationship with God.  I am lucky to be married to and manage this business with my husband, Jesse. Jesse is a  Marine veteran who worked in the construction industry for 5 years. After years of struggling with not being home enough and PTSD, he is now able to work at home with our LuLaRoe business and be the best full time daddy. We have two beautiful, smart girls, Kendell (5) and Gracie (3). They are so much fun and true little princesses that are into all things girly.  We have a lot of tea and dance parties while dressing up like the Queen of England.  

There are many sides to my me, as you will find out. Previously, I was a teacher and that passion is still there as I prepare my girls for school, potentially homeschool, in the next few years. I also am passionate in learning more about my family history and the stories that can be found there. As a Christian, I will share with you on this blog how God has changed my life and how my family works to pursue Christ in all that we do. We'll also have some fun as I tell you some of my tips and tricks to creating your unique style and let you know more about LuLaRoe's versatile pieces. 

Jesse and I have stitched together our perfect life through our boutique, LuLaRoe. This company has allowed us the freedom to spend time together as a family and treasure these special moments with our girls. It also has created a great community of incredible women. I have been able to build my team to over 2,400 retailers and love to help those women and men obtain the type of freedom Jesse and I have created. Stitches of Liberty embodies this lifestyle and the path our family is on. I am excited to share this journey with all of you!

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